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No taking pictures of Lord Vader's butt!
I now present to you "How to Make Geeks Very Happy," a story with pictures.

Part One: A Meeting with Friends
The evening began as many a Thursday evening begins: with Emily and I making a trek to the Yummy Buffet. We had only gone a few blocks when we ran into our fellow Sci-Fi clubber Imad, and we'd only gone a few more blocks when the three of us ran into fellow Sci-Fi clubbers Louise and Patrick. We stopped and had a mini-Sci-Fi meeting in the street, much to our enjoyment.

Part Two: A Discovery

As we approached Sellery Hall during our Yummy-return, I heard Emily cry out, "Kate! There are STORMTROOPERS over there!"
I glanced over towards Gordon Commons, where Emily was pointing. Sure enough...there were STORMTROOPERS over there. We ran back up to my room to retrieve my camera, and made it back down to the Stormtroopers just as they were heading out on a cross-campus adventure. Naturally, we joined their numbers in a quest of grand proportions.

Part Three: Stalking Lord Vader

We continued to follow the legion of Stormtroopers and their leader, Darth Vader. We quickly learned that they were quite the fun Imperial forces, and we were pleased to join them for the half an hour we had left before Sci-Fi club began. Said we, "even if we are late to Sci-Fi...hanging out with Stormtroopers is a grand excuse."

Part Four: A Cinematic Cause
During our conversations with the Stormtroopers, we learned that they were touring the campus to promote a documentary that would be showing at the Memorial Union Theater that very evening as a part of the Wisconsin Film Festival. The subject matter? None other than the "Fighting 501st," the ever-so-famous (at least among geeks) Stormtrooper Legion.

Part Five: Skipping Sci-Fi

Worry not! It is not the terrible occurance that it seems. Surely Emily and I went to Sci-Fi club, and surely we enjoyed the MST3K associated with it. But, after the Stormtrooper excitement of the day, we ducked out early to attend Heart of an Empire, the aforementioned documentary. It was both tear-jerking and empowering (and...hillarious), and fun was had by all. We got Star Wars toys whilst we waited in line, and we had to promise a Stormtrooper that we would be Star Wars fans for the rest of our lives.

Part Six: The Consequences

The hour grows late. I still have homework. I want to watch Star Wars real bad. I feel like I should type something else to balance out the pictures, but I'd rather not. So let's just...add another picture.


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I am SO jealous.

That's unbelievably cool.

had to promise a Stormtrooper that we would be Star Wars fans for the rest of our lives
Pshya, like you hadn't already made that vow a long time ago. (In a galaxy far away...)

Oops. Wasn't logged in. x)

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